Ohio Stands United seeks Second Amendment Sanctuary status for Morgan County

Ohio Stands United is concerned about recent overtures by the Ohio Senate and Governor Mike DeWine to promote and pass legislation infringing upon our inalienable right to keep and bear arms. Ohio Stands United believes the first step to countering this unconstitutional legislation is by reaffirming our rights at the county level, with each county’s Board of Commissioners passing a Resolution declaring their intent to protect and uphold our Federal and State Constitutions. This Resolution is a reaffirmation of the oaths of office that commissioners, trustees, sheriffs, and other officials take when they are sworn in. While Second Amendment Sanctuary status is primarily symbolic, it sends a clear message to the Legislature that Second Amendment rights must not be infringed. Each person has the providential right to possess the tools necessary for self-protection. No one wants to be in a situation where a gun must be used for self-defense, but like a fire extinguisher, most understand the common sense of having one just in case. For this reason, the Constitution recognizes the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Inspired by Ohio Stands United, a group of concerned Morgan County citizens met in Malta on January 17, with 75 people in attendance. At that meeting, Logan Kovaleski volunteered and was approved by fellow Morgan County citizens to serve as a spokesman for the county. Logan and his wife, Ashlie, were born in Morgan County and have two children. Ashlie actively supports her husband and Ohio Stands United. Regarding our […]

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