Oklahoma Second Amendment ‘sanctuary state’ bill heads to governor’s desk

Oklahoma Second Amendment 'sanctuary state' bill heads to governor's desk

A bill that would designate Oklahoma as a Second Amendment "sanctuary state" headed to Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk this week after approval by the state’s House of Representatives. If signed into law by the Republican, the measure would prevent the confiscation of guns from residents in the state due to any new county, state or federal laws, executive actions or court orders passed, according to FOX 25 in Oklahoma City. "Senate Bill 631 ensures that the State Legislature will protect the unalienable right of Oklahomans to keep and bear arms as guaranteed to them by the Second Amendment," state Rep. Sean Roberts, who co-authored the bill with state Sen. Warren Hamilton, said, according to KOCO -TV in Oklahoma City. Both Roberts and Hamilton are Republicans. BIDEN DEMANDS REPUBLICANS MOVE ON GUN BACKGROUND CHECK BILL "Recent action and rhetoric from the federal government has shown just how important this bill really is," Roberts said, referring to recent gun control proposals announced by President Biden following a series of mass shootings in the country, according to FOX 25 . Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt speaks in Oklahoma City, Dec. 17, 2019. (Associated Press) The "Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act" passed through the House on Tuesday on a 78-17 vote after moving through the state Senate on a 38-8 vote. Conner Alford, a chapter coordinator of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association, told KTEN -TV in Ada, Okla., "If the federal law violates the Second Amendment by taking firearms, then it is not going […]

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