On July Fourth, make your own Declaration of Independence — From the federal government

On July Fourth, make your own Declaration of Independence -- From the federal government

‘Thomas Jefferson’ reads from Declaration of Independence This Fourth of July, many Americans are spun up, protesting against President Trump with a long list of grievances – most recently his plans to appoint a conservative justice to the Supreme Court, as well as his immigration policies, his foreign policy, his trade policy, his tweeting … his everything. Calls for the president’s impeachment grow louder from the self-styled Resistance – increasingly strident folks on the left, some proudly calling themselves socialists – who act as if they are fighting a tyrannical enemy nation occupying the White House. They may have seen one too many films about occupied Europe in World War II. Trump administration officials are harassed at restaurants, movie theaters and their homes. And don’t forget that just a year ago, a gunman attacked Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice and severely wounded Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., almost taking his life. Underlying much of this angst and anger is a mistaken belief that the federal government is all that matters. But in reality, this isn’t true. Let me review what we all should have learned in school. Power is not all concentrated in the hands of our elected president, Congress and the federal courts. Importantly, we have state and local governments that share power as well, all led by people the voters elect. The Founding Fathers designed our system this way in the Constitution for a very important reason: liberty is elusive in a large land with […]

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