One way to curb shootings

Living to my ripe age, and with many titles — dad, father, uncle, brother, cousin, and few not suitable for print — I’ve learned that simple beats most other instructions and limits. With gun play today so common, I had a simple idea: ban bullets. Or make purchasers register the caliber, limited quantity, date of purchase and use. Take all bullets off the shelves and make them only available to licensed or legitimate, registered users. Make ranges keep records of shells the same way. I am familiar with the Second Amendment, and think those hiding behind it don’t know what the word militia means, or the term well-regulated. I got my training during the Korean War. I am fully aware of how to use several weapons, and have lived with the damage that is done by a mere bullet. It ain’t pretty. We have all kinds of excuses for having more guns than people in our “civilized” country. I know several gun owners. Happily, they are legal and trained. I have heard all the excuses and they don’t solve anything. If there is one answer, I have not yet heard it. I did all my shooting and left the weapons with the Army.

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