Open carry demonstration at Kent State by gun rights advocates leads to peaceful talks between sides of the gun debate

Several dozen gun rights advocates with handguns in holsters and rifles in slings walked in a line Friday afternoon outside the Kent State University Student Center. Some students stopped to talk, while others simply looked and continued on their way. Organizers said the goal of the Kent State University Open Carry/Firearms Liberty Outreach was to foster discussions about gun rights and the Second Amendment. Aaron Spalding, one of the demonstrators on campus Friday, called himself a strong advocate for gun rights. “Guns are personal protection,” said Spalding, who was carrying a rifle in a sling during the demonstration. “I would rather have it than not need it.” However, the government needs to do a better job, said Spalding, a 34-year-old University of Louisville student who came to Kent State for the demonstration. “I’m fine with background checks,” Spalding said. “However, I would like to see better reporting from government […]

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