Open Forum: I will be an engaged supervisor

Many recent Berryville elections have been held with only one candidate for each office. I choose to run as a Republican for the open seat on the Board of Supervisors in the Berryville District for several reasons. First is Community. As an active member of Rotary, I saw first-hand the power of community. Groups of engaged citizens can make a difference in their community. I was able to make a difference with the time and resources I had available. Second is First Responders. Volunteers and emergency services need more support, funding, and training. Throwing money at the problem changes nothing. We need to listen to their needs and respond accordingly. I suspect the 2020 Census will show that there are more seniors in Berryville. Senior housing has expanded since the last census. We need to make sure the needs of seniors are taken care of in emergency medical services. Third is Second Amendment issues. Both the United States and Virginia Constitutions guarantee the right to bear arms. I see no reason to take away any Second Amendment rights from Clarke or Berryville citizens. I do not agree with Governor Northam’s overreach on gun legislation. Fourth is I’m For Berryville! Berryville is the Crown Jewel of Clarke County. I want to make sure Berryville voices are heard. Lastly are the Three Rs. 70% of the Clarke budget goes to schools. I have a strong interest in vocational education and want to champion that as my cause. I want to make […]

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