Open Forum: Supports city’s proposed gun ban in government buildings

I hope City Council passes the ban on guns in government buildings, property, and events. We live in a country that values the right to bear arms. For some reason, people argue that any citizen should be allowed to own and carry any kind of gun anywhere they want in the name of personal freedom. But if we value personal freedom, then doesn’t that give the right to business and property owners to restrict gun possession on their property? Doesn’t that give the right to a government by and for the people to take measures to limit gun violence? My husband is a hunter, but I don’t want visitors bringing concealed weapons into our home. Isn’t that logical? I am not a business owner, but if I were, I would not want patrons to bring firearms into my restaurant or retail business. If that meant I lost a few customers because those people were afraid to go anywhere without a loaded weapon, then that’s a loss I would be willing to take. Some area residents have said we do not have a problem with gun violence in this area, but that isn’t true. Gun violence includes suicides, domestic violence, and the murders that have taken place outside bars and restaurants. These murders aren’t necessarily premeditated. They may have occurred because someone picked up a gun in the heat of an argument. People say gun laws only impact law-abiding citizens, not criminals, but the difference between a “law-abiding” gun owner […]

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