Opinion Get ready. Gun violence is coming.

I was stuck in traffic on Tilden Street near Connecticut Avenue NW on April 22 at 3:23 p.m. when I heard the gunfire, three rounds of three shots each in short succession. A semiautomatic nearby. With traffic in front of me and behind, I was locked in, unable to move. I thought about ducking for cover, but then how would I drive? I was in a state of shock and couldn’t think of how to get out. Traffic eventually cleared, and I got home, hugged my husband and tried to shake off the incident. But moving on proved difficult. As the story unfolded, I realized how close I was to danger, and I began to slide into a state of panic. I was rattled, but I was good — grateful that I was unharmed, but unnerved. I wished I had reacted more swiftly and with a plan for keeping myself safe. Truthfully, I was just lucky. Ownership and use of military-style assault weapons have no purpose in our communities. Until we ban high-capacity magazines and weaponry that allow for rapid-fire shooting, we all need to prepare ourselves to respond to the unthinkable. Gun violence is coming. So get ready. After frantically waiting outside Edmund Burke School on the afternoon of April 22, not knowing the fate of my grandson in an active-shooter event, I’m angrier than ever about the inaction on gun violence of our craven Congress. Specifically, we desperately need a nationwide ban on assault rifles. These high-capacity […]

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