Opinion: Guns, abortion and relegating some to ‘second-class status’

The Sept. 23 news article “ Ruling on gun sales to young vacated ” described the July decision of a federal appeals court panel to allow a prospective buyer to purchase a handgun despite her being under the legal age limit of 21. The conservative majority argued that the law relegated “18-to-20-year olds to a second-class status” in terms of their Second Amendment rights and would drive these young adults to unlicensed dealers. Fortunately, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit vacated its own decision because the woman who brought the challenge turned 21 before the ruling formally took effect. I do wonder whether that panel would apply the same “logic” to the recently enacted Texas abortion restrictions that similarly reduce a woman’s constitutional right — to an abortion — to second-class status and will inevitably drive many pregnant women to unlicensed practitioners and other dangerous choices. Color me skeptical.

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