OPINION | LOWELL GRISHAM: NWA’s official church?

OPINION | LOWELL GRISHAM: NWA's official church?

It seems the proposals in the Washington and Benton County quorum courts to declare each county a "pro-life" jurisdiction are pretty silly. Meaningless gestures. Posturing. Mere resolutions with no teeth, not real ordinances. Obvious unconstitutional violations of the First Amendment. But the justices of the peace forge ahead, creating drama, anger and division. So maybe each month the quorum court members will bring up other religious resolutions for consideration. "Ban birth control." "Prohibit blood transfusions." I want to be there for the debate when my pacifist Quaker Friends propose our counties become "gun free and wiolence free zones." A court that ignores the First Amendment can surely ignore the Second Amendment. The quorum courts could solve all of these pressing religious issues by taking a more efficient step: Just establish an official religion for our counties. I think the Episcopal Church is the obvious choice. After all, my church has some experience in these things. The Episcopal Church is the American expression of the Church of England, the established church of the United Kingdom. George Washington and many of our nation’s founders were members of my church. And today, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., where our nation gathers for solemn state occasions, is also the cathedral of the Episcopal Church’s Diocese of Washington. The quorum courts seem interested in establishing religion in Washington and Benton County; the Episcopal Church is the obvious choice. We’ve got experience. Now, if you don’t like the idea of my church being in […]

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