Opinion: No solutions offered to gun violence question

Wow. Two replies to my request for solutions to the problem of gun violence. Unfortunately, neither one had any solutions to offer. Just the same old “I need my gun for protection” and “guns are not the problem, violent people are the problem.” Well, how do those violent people get guns? And how do we stop them from getting them? And I have no problem with the Second Amendment. But you must admit that the Second Amendment was written before there were the kinds of assault weapons we hear of today. I believe there are many creative and intelligent people out there, some of who may even own guns. Please take some time to think about what we need to do to stop gun violence. It might not be to take away guns, it might just be to require gun owners to take out insurance policies to cover the possibility that their gun is used incorrectly and causes damage and loss of life to others. I understand that that is already being considered in some communities. We require insurance to be purchased for driving a vehicle, why not for operating a gun? Both can be equally deadly. I never said I had a logical solution to gun violence. But I do object to hearing the same thing over and over from people who get all defensive and paranoid when other people suggest solutions. Janet Rueff

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