Opinion: Voters don’t want rubber stamp in Washington

Opinion: Voters don't want rubber stamp in Washington

Opinion contributor I’d like to begin by thanking the great people of Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District for allowing me the opportunity to represent you in Washington, D.C. When I was first elected in 2012, I pledged to fight for fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, economic freedom and constitutionally limited government. I didn’t realize how hard that fight would be, but I’ve never wavered. In my recent primary, I was attacked by my Republican opponent for not always voting with the party and for not always voting with President Trump. Unlike most political attack ads, that one was true! But it wasn’t effective, because nobody wants a rubber stamp. It’s my responsibility to research the bills and do what’s right for 750,000 people in Kentucky regardless of what the party bosses say. When I get something done, I don’t go around bragging about it. I keep my head down and move on. But it’s election season and folks are asking, "What have you accomplished for the district and why should we reelect you?" These are fair questions, so here are a few highlights: In 2013, I reached across the aisle and worked with Democrats to get my Industrial Hemp Act in the Farm Bill. In 2017, I reconstituted the Second Amendment Caucus. As chairman of that caucus, I’ve built a coalition to prevent gun control measures from being slipped into bills. I’ve consistently voted pro-life, even when other Republicans have been persuaded to vote for legislation that funded abortion. I worked […]

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