OPINION: What Some May Believe

I believe the Second Amendment, whatever the Founders meant by it, was never meant to result in a nation with more guns than there are people, and that it is common sense to license gun ownership in the same way we require a license to drive. Some may believe that the Second Amendment is a fundamental bulwark against tyranny and reject any limits upon weapons. Some may believe that abortion is murder but capital punishment is not. I believe that abortion is serious and tragic, but still it is better that it be safe, legal and rare. I believe capital punishment is cruel and unusual and has been too capriciously and unjustly applied. I believe that the scientific method, posing a hypothesis and testing it to see if it is true, indicates we are in the midst of a human-caused global climate emergency that will take a new level of cooperation among all the nations in the world. Some may believe that the science of climate shows inconsistencies and that warming and cooling are natural cycles independent of human activity. Some may believe that wearing a mask during a pandemic is an intolerable encroachment on their freedom. I believe that freedom includes willingness to give up smaller freedoms for the greater freedom of the common good. I believe that Donald Trump was the laziest, most self-serving and dangerously demagogic president in the history of our country, whose final tweet on January 7 (“Remember this day forever!”) nailed his responsibility […]

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