Opinion: Yesterday was the right day for stricter gun laws

When a person with a history of violence and mental health issues can walk into a gun store and walk out with an assault rifle designed solely to cause mass casualties, we have a big problem. Shut down the claims that “today is not the day for this discussion.” Yesterday was the day. Those with gun fetishes, hunters and those who feel they need weapons to protect their homes or families don’t need assault-style rifles. Why are the rights of the majority ignored, in favor of assault-weapon defenders? Our right to avoid the possibility of being gunned down has been usurped by lunatics with guns and the shameless, cowardly politicians who defend them. None of us is protected from being gunned down randomly, not even other gun owners. Not even good guys with guns can stop them. This must stop. How incredibly immoral and indecent is it to fight for the rights of the few deranged people who want to have their assault weapons? Because that’s what it’s come to. You can’t have it both ways. It makes zero sense and is entirely disingenuous to claim that this is a mental health issue or an “idiot” problem and not a gun issue. Innocent people continue to die at the hands of those who believe their right to own these weapons outweighs our right to life. Assault weapons need to go, and so do lawmakers who defend them.

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