Oregon: Anti-Gun Bills Pre-Filed, Legislature to Convene Monday

The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session will convene on Monday, January 14 th , and anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed numerous bills to infringe upon your rights and more bills are expected in the coming weeks. Some of the pre-filed bills include the following: Senate Bill 501 , sponsored by Senator Rob Wagner (D-19) and Representative Andrea Salinas (D-38), contains numerous, egregious infringements. It would create a permit that would be required to purchase or receive a firearm, with each permit requiring training and being valid for only 90 days, limit purchases to one handgun and one long gun per 30 day period, require firearms be stored in a locked container or with a trigger/cable lock, require reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours, prohibit the possession of ammunition magazines with a capacity greater than five, require background checks for purchasing ammunition, restrict ammunition purchases to no more than 20 rounds within a 30 day period, and require firearm transfers to be delayed up to 14 days for the Oregon State Police to conduct background checks. House Bill 2551 , filed at the request of Governor Kate Brown, would define many commonly owned semi-automatic firearms as “assault rifles,” prohibit young adults under the age of 21 from receiving such defined “assault rifles,” require firearm transfers be delayed for up to 30 days for the Oregon State Police to conduct background checks, and impose stiff criminal penalties for those who allow a minor to access a firearm. Senate Bill […]

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