Oregon Democrats pursue gun safety measures

Gun Rights

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — As part of an ambitious Democratic agenda, Oregon lawmakers are considering a range of gun control measures, including a provision that would penalize gun owners who fail to safely store their weapons at home. Advocates from both sides of the aisle flooded the Capitol on Tuesday to weigh in on an omnibus gun control package, which, among other things, would tighten gun storage requirements and outlaw untraceable firearms. The legislation is in part meant to prevent easy access to firearms, and make gun owners financially responsible if their guns are stolen and then used to commit a crime. It’s a response to the 2012 Clackamas Town Center shooting, when a 22-year-old masked man stole an assault-style weapon from a friend’s apartment and went on a shooting rampage at a crowded shopping mall outside Portland, killing two before turning the gun on himself. Paul Kemp, brother-in-law of one of the victims, testified in favor of stricter gun laws saying he was frustrated that the original gun owner could not be held responsible for allowing his weapon to fall into the wrong hands "There have to be consequences for those reckless and careless gun owners when it leads to the injury and death of others," he said. The proposal would also tighten regulations around 3-D-printed guns and other untraceable firearms, requiring that those who build these weapons to pass a background check. It would also allow retailers to set a minimum purchasing age of firearms and other […]

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