Oregon Supreme Court OKs ballot title for gun storage initiative

The Oregon Supreme Court on Monday signed off on the ballot title for an initiative to require gun owners to use trigger locks, cables or a locked container to store them. ( The Oregon Supreme Court on Monday certified the ballot title for an initiative that would require gun owners to store the weapons with trigger locks, cables or in a locked container. Supporters of the proposal can now begin gathering the more than 88,000 signatures they must submit by July 6 in order to get it on the November ballot. Relatives of two people killed in the 2012 Clackamas Town Center shooting are among the chief petitioners . The campaign has a website, oregonsafegunstorage.com . In addition to regulating gun storage, Initiative Petition 44 would require firearm owners to supervise children using guns and report lost or stolen firearms to the police within 24 hours. Anyone who ignored the gun storage requirements would be liable for injuries caused with the weapons, unless the injury resulted from self-defense or defense of another person. The court issued its ballot title decision before hearing from the National Rifle Association and other gun rights and hunting groups. They had appealed on Thursday for the court to change the ballot title written by a lawyer in the office of Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. "The Court concluded that the ballot title certified by the attorney general substantially complies with the statutory requirements for ballot titles contained in (state law)," acting deputy state court administrator […]

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