Our Say: Hogan should break with the NRA at Saturday’s gun violence rally

Our Say: Hogan should break with the NRA at Saturday's gun violence rally

Gov. Larry Hogan is a decent man who has been a supporter of important gun control measures. We believe he’ll do the right thing by talking to the students coming to Annapolis Saturday to rally against gun violence. This newspaper has long been a moderate voice on gun control. We recognize the validity of the Second Amendment, while simultaneously acknowledging that reasonable measures are a good way to keep guns out of the hands of those who would do evil. We do not believe that gun control measures alone will prevent the next mass murder. As almost every police official will tell you, anyone can find a gun in this country without searching very far and without having to observe the niceties of permit requirements or waiting periods. Yet we are convinced more can be done. The man charged with assaulting our newsroom on June 28 and killing five of our colleagues reportedly obtained his shotgun legally. Even before this editorial is finished, supporters of the National Rifle Association are warming up their email accounts to respond that guns are not responsible for mass murders, madmen are the ones who must be held accountable. To them, we say: How high does the death toll have to rise before there is a consensus that we must reduce the number of guns and the amount of ammunition in circulation? How many have to grieve before there is an acknowledgment by all political sides that the Second Amendment is not sacrosanct above […]

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