Our View: On open carry, trash pickup

A thumbs up — maybe even a trigger finger up — to Greenwood’s police chief, T.J. Chaudoin, for his stance on proposed legislation that would permit people with concealed weapons permits to openly carry their weapons. While we doubt too many people would be parading around town with 16 guns strapped across their shoulders and on their belts, there remain concerns about open carry. Aside from the intimidation factor, which some open-carry advocates would applaud, we just think some things are better left unsaid, some things are better left unknown. Until they need be known. Who’s the first person a criminal is going to drop in the commission of a crime in, say, a business? The one they see with a gun. But the person with a permit whose gun is not readily visible might have an advantage and actually be able to defend himself or others nearby. Having a CWP doesn’t always mean the bearer is always at the ready. Even law officers who get regular practice time on a range are sometimes caught off guard. A visible weapon, in that case, might be quickly and easily taken from its owner whereas a concealed weapon is — well, it’s concealed and less likely at risk of being taken and then used on its owner. Know your weapon, if you choose to carry and have a permit. Know what concealed-carry equipment works best for you to make accessing your weapon easy in time of need. In short, think of […]

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