PA Farm Bureau rejects sportsmen’s group claim that the bureau is ‘attacking Second Amendment rights’ with stance on Sunday hunting

PA Farm Bureau rejects sportsmen's group claim that the bureau is 'attacking Second Amendment rights' with stance on Sunday hunting

Buy Now A hunter sights in a rifle at Penn Dutch Sportsman Club outside New Holland. P.J. Reilly The fight to expand Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania is getting nasty. The Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen and Conservationists in a release posted on its website May 21 is accusing the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau of not only blocking legislation that would expand Sunday hunting opportunities here, but also of attacking the “Second Amendment rights” of all Pennsylvania residents. The federation’s release, entitled “PFSC Condemns PA Farm Bureau Attacks on PA’s Hunters and 2A Rights,” states that “the PA Farm Bureau has repeatedly stated their desire to have ‘gunfire free Sundays.’ This is, without any doubt, an attack on our Second Amendment rights.” Harold Daub, the federation’s executive director, said ‘gunfire free Sundays’ to him means no shooting of firearms for any reason on Sundays. Mark O’Neill, the Media and Strategic Communications Director for the Farm Bureau, admitted his organization opposes the current proposed expansion of Sunday hunting opportunities in the state, but he objected to the accusation that the bureau has set its sights on banning recreational gun shooting on Sundays. “Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has never advocated for the banning of shooting guns on Sunday,” he said. “In addition, we have no policy calling for any restrictions on the legal operation of shooting clubs on Sundays. Our policy calls for no expansion of existing Sunday hunting laws, but it does not attempt to overturn existing hunting seasons for crows, coyotes and foxes, […]

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