Parents of Parkland school shooting react to Biden’s executive orders on gun control

Parents of Parkland school shooting react to Biden's executive orders on gun control

–> No compatible source was found for this media. PARKLAND, Fla. — Word of the president’s executive action is being met with strong reaction on both sides of the gun control debate. Some residents said it’s an important step. "The fact that we’re losing lives is something that has to touch your heart," said Patricia Oliver, whose son, Joaquin Oliver, was gunned down inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School three years ago. "It doesn’t matter if you’re part of the issue or not." Oliver said President Joe Biden’s new executive orders are long overdue. "We need to rule the use of guns in order to control the crime that is in certain communities, you know, the boyfriends, the suicidal," said Oliver. "There’s so many issues coming from gun violence. They’re not only mass shootings." Other parents like Ryan Petty, who lost his daughter Alaina, said the president’s actions undermine the rights of law-abiding citizens. "I’m disappointed that once again we’re headed down a path of gun control," said Petty. "We’re penalizing law-abiding gun owners for the actions of criminals and I saw very little today that would actually solve the problems of gun violence in the United States." Biden called on Congress to act during his news conference Thursday. State Rep. Toby Overdorf, R-Stuart, said creating policy should be left to lawmakers. "We have a legislative branch for a reason," said Overdorf. "This is an area that should be policy. It should be talked about and brought forward. The […]

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