Patrick Morrisey: Preserving the second amendment

Americans who choose to lawfully exercise their right to keep and bear arms should be at liberty to do so. Those who wrote the Constitution knew the importance of protecting core values, defending their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This was of such significance that the founders ensured the right to bear arms was enshrined into the Bill of Rights. West Virginians and many who visit our state also cherish the right to carry a concealed handgun. Our office not only respects this personal freedom, we have been and remain committed to expanding the reach of the state’s concealed carry licenses. We share this respect for the Second Amendment with a growing list of more than 35 states that recognize our traditional concealed handgun licenses. Since 2013, approximately two dozen states have either recognized West Virginia’s concealed carry license for the first time or enhanced their agreement. This represents real success and accomplishment – the product of our determined effort to protect the Second Amendment rights of West Virginia gun owners. That same perseverance drives our office to maintain the broad recognition that West Virginia license holders enjoy, while constantly looking for new avenues with other states. Our office’s tenacity underscores the benefit of having a concealed carry license, even though West Virginia’s constitutional carry law allows residents and visitors alike, ages 21 and older, to carry concealed without a permit. Younger West Virginians, ages 18 to 20, may lawfully carry a concealed handgun by obtaining a provisional […]

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