Peduto: I'll defend gun proposals to Supreme Court

Peduto: I’ll defend gun proposals to Supreme Court

Gun Rights

Mayor Bill Peduto remained defiant in his support of the city’s proposed gun restrictions a day after they were pilloried at a special fact-finding meeting, saying Wednesday that he’s willing to fight any lawsuit against the city as high as the U.S. Supreme Court. “The ability to preempt cities from being able to protect their people I think would end up in the state Supreme Court, and the ability for us to put reasonable restrictions, well-regulated restrictions on guns, I think could possibly end up in federal Supreme Court,” he said. “We’ve had two, possibly three different firms that have offered pro-bono assistance” in defending the proposals should they become city ordinances. Mr. Peduto said that if the city is sued over passing any of the gun-control measures, he intends to use the city’s Law Department to fight it but is “not going to turn down free legal assistance [from] people who work specifically in this field … nonprofit organizations that do it on a national basis.” Mr. Peduto’s comments came after Pittsburgh Councilwoman Darlene Harris hosted six opponents of the proposed laws at the special meeting, called a post agenda, for city council members. The nearly two-and-a-half-hour meeting Tuesday featured a panel of guests, several who had already spoken out against the city’s proposed gun regulations on Twitter, at the city’s public hearing and through news media. “I think it would have been more informational for council if they had some of the organizations that supported it, some […]

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