‘People want their guns’: Shelby County gun rights supporters say resolution doesn’t go far enough

'People want their guns': Shelby County gun rights supporters say resolution doesn’t go far enough

Max’s Recreation owner Jason Shanholtzer talks about guns at the store in Shelbyville on Wednesday. SHELBYVILLE — Gun rights supporters in Shelby County said a resolution affirming the county’s support for the Second Amendment didn’t go far enough in telling lawmakers they don’t support additional firearm restrictions. The board voted 16-2 Wednesday morning to reaffirm a 15-year-old resolution in support of the Second Amendment rather than adopting a measure to become a “sanctuary county” for gun owners. “People don’t want to lose their guns. They’re expensive to own and expensive to maintain, and owners are concerned about keeping them,” said Shelbyville gun dealer Jason Shanholtzer. “I was hoping that this would send a message to the higher-ups that people want their guns.” Local National Rifle Association and Friends of the NRA members had asked the county to consider a sanctuary county resolution like one passed by more than a dozen Illinois counties, including Effingham and Christian. Those measures indicate the county might not enforce gun control measures passed by state lawmakers that the county deems as interference with the Second Amendment. The alternative, to simply reaffirm a resolution already on the books, arose after Shelby County’s law enforcement and legislative committees discussed the idea at a joint meeting in May. Shelby County Board Chairman David Cruitt listens during the Second Amendment discussion at the Shelby County Courthouse in Shelbyville on Wednesday. The county board passed the 2003 resolution supporting Second Amendment rights at the request of a group donating […]

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