Personal View: Let’s make Ohio a sanctuary state for law-abiding gun owners

Personal View: Let's make Ohio a sanctuary state for law-abiding gun owners

Jim Renacci With the signing of a recently passed bill by conservative Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, Iowa has become the 18th state in the union to enact constitutional concealed carry. Under these laws, citizens who are legally permitted to possess firearms may carry them concealed without obtaining the permission of government first. Ohio should quickly become the next state to pass this important legislation. These state laws are even more important now because law-abiding gun owners are under attack from the Biden administration. And one of the most frightening of these Biden attacks is what are known as "red flag" laws. According to Ohio Gun Owners , red flag confiscation orders can allow liberal judges to target gun owners and strip away firearms from them before they’ve been charged, tried in court or even convicted of a single crime. Under this scenario, a domestic disagreement or neighborhood or business dispute could quickly escalate into that individual going to court and obtaining a court order to confiscate your weapons without your knowledge or participation in the legal process. Sadly, even some Republicans like Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine support these misguided proposals. Under DeWine’s "Strong Ohio" plan, which he recently attempted to slip into his 2,000-page budget proposal , he is trying to pass these same unconstitutional Biden proposals into state law here. That’s just one of the many reasons why I support legislation to make Ohio a sanctuary state for law-abiding gun owners. Under Ohio House Bill 62 , sponsored […]

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