Persuasive Essay On Shooting A Gun

Persuasive Essay On Gun Shootings Mass shootings have become a problem in the United States and the only way to decrease the number of incidents is to enforce stricter gun laws. In the recent years gun laws have come under fire for a variety of reasons that all stems back to the tolerance for high caliber and magazine weapons in our country. Assault rifles and other rapid-fire weapons have become all too easy to acquire in our nation and I believe the citizens of the United States have begun to realize this. Consumers have found Persuasive Essay On Gun Shootings throughout the United States and the world is guns. As American citizens, we have a constitutional right to own a fire arm. But why is a gun so important and why is it such a huge part of the United States division of its people? The division starts with people using this Second Amendment to harm people. In recent years, mass shootings have become the norm for the United States and that outcome is not the purpose of the Second Amendment. These mass shooting happen everywhere from movie theatres to concert Persuasive Essay On Gun Shootings heaven compared to the problem that has been recurring time and time again- gun violence. In 2017 alone, 273 mass shooting have taken place between January 1st and October 2nd (A mass shooting involves four or more people injured or killed in a single event at the same time and location (Gun Violence […]

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