Police should enforce laws evenly

This letter is in response to the story about some Washington state sheriffs circulating a petition regarding the protection of the Second Amendment right to bear arms that our Constitution guarantees every citizen (barring felonies and other disqualifications). My concern is that this: The only amendment these people seem to care about defending is the second. There are other ones like the First Amendment that the police, for whatever reason, aren’t as compelled to enforce. I witnessed a few years ago that a group with a permit to speak on the steps of the Walla Walla County Courthouse had their speeches drowned out by a group of bikers revving their engines. The group’s right to freedom of speech was infringed on that day, and the people paid to secure these rights did nothing at all. I am not against guns — I would own many more if I could afford to. However, I think it is a good reminder that things are always changing in communities. The police are employees of the public and need to realize their job is not to dictate priorities to the public, but to enforce laws evenly.

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