Popular Among Antigovernment Extremists, ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Resolutions Pose Risks

Popular Among Antigovernment Extremists, 'Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Resolutions Pose Risks

Since the election of President Joe Biden, a number of state legislators have proposed so-called “Second Amendment sanctuary” legislation to declare their states immune from federal gun-safety laws they consider unconstitutional. Such resolutions are legally problematic and threaten to override the very democratic systems upon which the country was built. New legislation in at least a dozen states , including Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Iowa, seeks to nullify any federal gun-safety laws. Gov. Greg Abbott has announced his desire to make Texas a “Second Amendment sanctuary” (“2A sanctuary”) state. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott prepares to deliver his annual State of the State speech on Feb. 1 outside Lockhart, Texas. (Photo by Bob Daemmrich/ZUMA Wire/Alamy News) Meigs County, Ohio , passed a resolution stating it will not authorize or expend county funds “for the purpose of enforcing illegal and or unconstitutional laws or ordinances that seek to limit a law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.” This language is typical to “sanctuary” proposals. Other resolutions extend even further, proposing punishments for anyone who enforces gun laws deemed to infringe Second Amendment rights. Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania, passed a 2A sanctuary law that punishes officials who do not adhere to the ordinance “with a maximum fine of six hundred ($600.00) dollars, imprisonment for not more than ten (10) days, or both.” This wave of proposals is the direct result of hysteria around potential new federal and state gun […]

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