Port: People targeted by gun-grabbing 'red flag' law would have to pay for their own defense

Port: People targeted by gun-grabbing ‘red flag’ law would have to pay for their own defense

Gun Rights

Rob Port MINOT, N.D. – “You have the right to an attorney.” We’re all familiar with that phrase, a part of the famous Miranda warning that’s a staple of television and movies and, you know, actual police work. It’s formal recognition of the right to legal counsel from the Sixth Amendment. Thank goodness for it. Can you imagine having your life and liberty put in jeopardy in our legal system without the guidance of a legal professional? (Public defenders are the unsung heroes of the American justice system, and here in North Dakota they ought to get more funding, though that’s a topic for another column.) This week state lawmakers held a committee hearing on so-called “red flag” legislation introduced by state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, D-Fargo. This bill is alarming. All the more so because behind it is a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and law enforcement leaders from around the state. In fact, the more I consider the legislation, the more I find to be alarmed about. It would allow law enforcement to take away your guns and force you to attend a court hearing where you must prove you’re not dangerous to get them back. If you want legal counsel to help you defend yourself in this guilty-until-proven-innocent proceeding you’ll have to pay for it yourself. If you can afford it. This would be a civil proceeding. Public defenders only work criminal cases. The bill directs state prosecutors to help those who wish to file a petition […]

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