Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition

I must have missed the memo. Earlier this month, the Freedom, Faith and Family Coalition sponsored the three-day Save the Nation Conference at the Tommy Gun Warehouse Campgrounds in Newfoundland, Wayne County, about 50 miles northeast of Lehighton. An estimated 5,000 attendees had a chance to buy tickets to enter a drawing to win a Trump Commander in Chief auto-ordnance custom AR-15 style rifle. There is no mistaking where this organization falls on the political scale. Its invitation said, “All Americans who love America and want to preserve it as a free nation watch in dread as they see the aftermath of the stolen presidential election and the takeover of our federal government by hardcore leftists.” My intense interest is the fact that conference speakers were made available for media interviews. I would have been there in a heartbeat had I known about the event. You can’t imagine how difficult it is for us in the mainstream media to get access to far-right advocates who are avid Second Amendment supporters. Most times, we either get a “no comment” from those with this point of view or are ignored when we try to balance off a column or news story. As you may recall from a previous column, my experience with guns consists of ownership of a Red Ryder BB gun when I was a kid, and it lasted less than an hour, because I shot at and killed a bird sitting on a phone line near my home in […]

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