Pretend gun control bills show Minnesota’s suburban Republicans panicking

Pretend gun control bills show Minnesota's suburban Republicans panicking

The kids are marching, and the officials who once served as human barricades for the NRA seem unable to stop them. Fibonacci Blue A few weeks ago, suburban Minneapolis Republicans introduced two gun control bills in the Minnesota House. One might say they were stillborn by design. The first, from Reps. Sarah Anderson (R-Plymouth) and Jenifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie), would tighten laws for the possession of guns by those with domestic violence orders against them. The second, authored by Anderson, Loon and Rep. Cindy Pugh (R-Chanhassen), provided incentives to conduct background checks on private sales. Both arrived as the Minnesota Legislature’s calendar was sputtering to an end, with no chance of passing. They were tepid and of amateur construction, widely panned by everyone from gun enthusiasts to sheriffs to battered women activists. Not that it mattered. They were little more than window dressing, designed to look pretty and promptly wilt with haste. Senator Warren Limmer, a Maple Grove Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary’s public safety committee, had already vowed to block any bill from ever getting a vote. He’s made good on that promise. House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) has also refused a vote on any bill that lacks the stamp of approval from the NRA, essentially handing the group veto power over state law. Anderson, Loon and Pugh knew their bills would go nowhere. That was the point. They could pretend they were working to prevent the slaughter of our children, while expending zero effort or […]

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