Pro-Gun Advocate Ted Nugent Was Forced To Turned Away Firearms At His Latest Concert. Here’s Why.

And now for the real story. Just a few days ago, the lying media and its minions blasted the airways and political forums that Ted Nugent prohibited firearms from his Roanoke, Virginia concert. Well, it turns out it was a misunderstanding between his crew and his tour promoter and the Berglund Performing Arts Theater. Ted Nugent always allows law abiding citizens to bring their guns to his concerts. Outspoken pro-gun advocate and NRA board member Ted Nugent had a gun-free concert in Roanoke, Virginia on Tuesday. Fans were told last minute that they would not be allowed to bring their firearm with them into the Berglund Performing Arts Theater, WSLS-TV reported. There was some apparent confusion between Nugent’s crew and his tour promoter that wasn’t shared with the Berglund Performing Arts Theater until just before they started to allow fans into the venue. "It happened about five minutes before we opened doors, we had a security meeting before we opened doors and the subject came up and we said, ‘Yes people will be bringing firearms,’" Berglund Center General Manager Robyn Schon told WSLS. Nugent’s crew disagreed."Uh, no, our agreement says no." It turns out that the city-owned venue allows performers to dictate whether or not firearms are allowed during the concert. Nugent’s sub-contract with his promoter had a line that said no firearms were permitted, which the crew must have missed. "Given the things that have happened in nightclubs like the Pulse and what happened in Manchester, (Nugent’s) security […]

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