Proper temperament for gun ownership?

I’d like to start my post off by saying that I am not advocating for the removal of any persons rights under the second amendment. I would like to get the opinions of responsible gun owners on two specific demographics of gun owners that I regularly encounter. Being in the military I find there to be a very open culture when it comes to gun ownership. It’s something that I of course see no problem with. Though there are two rather specific types that concern me. The second more than the first. I will title them here as I do in my head. Please note that the titles aren’t meant to denigrate or persuade. Just my mental notes. “The Toy Collectors” I know a fair few service members that often brag about their purchase of new accessories. Some normal attachments such as scopes and the like, some a bit less practical. I know one guy in my unit sporting a bayonet attachment on a glock and another with some form of attachment meant to fire around corners. Neither seem practical for carrying on person or really home defense in my opinion. “The Hopefuls” The second, and the one that concerns me the most, are those who regularly make clear a desire to use their firearms against a human target. Now I’ve never heard them advocating violent crime, but they do generally hope to be put in a position where they need to protect themselves or others. I’ve always thought […]

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