Proposed state law to ban gun prizes draws fire from St. Lawrence County Legislature

Gun Rights

CANTON — A proposed state law that would prohibit giving away firearms as prizes has drawn opposition from the St. Lawrence County Legislature. County lawmakers Monday night voted 11-1 in favor of a resolution opposing state Assembly bill AO1413, which would prohibit firearms as prizes in any games of chance. The resolution also urges the Assembly to withdraw the bill and argues that the proposed law “further deprives the citizens of New York state of their Second Amendment rights.” “The raffling off of firearms is a traditional and time-honored means for gun clubs to raise money that is used to fund the operation of the clubs and without such fund raising activities, the very existence of the clubs would be threatened,” the resolution states. As he’s argued before, Legislator David Haggard, D-Potsdam, said the county Legislature should not be voting on proposed state legislation. “In committee I opposed this resolution. I believe the entire bill is for alcohol and firearms,” Mr. Haggard said. “I have contacted my fire department and at no time have they ever used firearms or alcohol as prizes for games of chance and therefore, I believe, once again this is a political question that’s coming before this board and I will be abstaining.” Legislator Kevin D. Acres, R-Madrid, said he’s concerned the state Assembly is going to continue to support laws that restrict people’s constitutional rights. “The elimination of firearms is the gist of this bill,” Mr. Acres said. He said another proposed Assembly bill […]

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