Quickly: Readers sound off on the issues of the day

When one party comes to power, they often try to push laws to specifically paralyze the other party. Now they have started to pass laws to take power away from their own leaders. These elected officials are drunk with power and need limits. By all accounts, the San Jose shooter was a bad, mean, nasty, scary guy who talked of killing and shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a gun. But if any “red flag” action had been taken to cut off his access to weapons, Second Amendment fanatics would have screamed that this “law-abiding citizen” had “every right to protect himself.” Do they care nearly as much for the rights of the people he killed? Of course not. Their precious Second Amendment rights must be protected at all costs, even if that cost is on average 40,000 deaths by gunfire every year in the U.S. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita insists that Indiana University is “an arm of government” and therefore cannot require that students and staff be vaccinated because that would violate Indiana’s “anti Covid passport” law. This is stretching the phrase “arm of government” to the point where it would apply to practically any institution or organization that receives any kind of support from the state. I hope, and expect, that the University’s legal representatives will take Rokita to court over this act of legal vandalism aimed at the health of IU students and personnel. But what can you expect when you turn the administration of […]

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