R.I. House OKs double check on gun applications, by hometown and state police

Katherine Gregg Journal Political Writer kathyprojo In a 58-to-7 vote, representatives approve the change in law, which currently mandates only that police in the gun shop’s community review the purchase applications. PROVIDENCE — In the wake of a deadly shooting spree in December by a Westerly man with a history of making suicidal and homicidal threats, the Rhode Island House on Thursday voted to give both hometown police chiefs and the state police a chance to review each application to buy a gun. The final vote was 58 to 7, with only one Democrat — Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson of Warwick — voting alongside the Republicans who sought to delay the vote to consider the potential impact on gun-shop owners of having to get copies of the applications into more hands. "Let’s not lose sight of this: people who deal in guns understand that there are hoops and hurdles that they have to jump through. That is the business they have chosen," countered Rep. Jason Knight, D-Barrington. "We are dealing with gun safety here, right?” he said. "Our goal here is to prevent people from being killed." Current law appears to give the gun-shop owners the choice of sending an application to buy a gun to the police chief in the community in which the gun shop is located, or the state police. The bill initially slated for a vote on Thursday would have required that firearms dealers in Rhode Island send copies of any application to buy a gun […]

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