Raimondo, Neronha to unveil new gun control bills

Katherine Gregg Journal Political Writer kathyprojo Feb 13, 2020 at 2:19 PM PROVIDENCE — The State House spotlight is once again turning to guns, with a joint press conference scheduled Thursday by the governor and attorney general, a "youth rally” to mark the two-year anniversary of the Valentine’s Day massacre that left 17 dead at a Florida high school, and then a vote on a proposed "ghost gun" ban. The NRA has told its followers the proposed ghost-gun ban up for a House vote "will do nothing to enhance public safety and instead​ relies on fear and ominous monikers to advance an anti-gun narrative. … Make no mistake, anti-gun forces are aggressively pursuing their agenda in Rhode Island.“ In her State of the State address last month, Governor Raimondo signaled her renewed commitment to trying to convince state legislators to pass “a comprehensive package of gun reforms." “Even one tragedy with an untraceable, homemade firearm is one too many,” she said that night. “Loopholes that allow extremely dangerous people to get guns need to be closed. Military-style assault weapons don’t belong in our communities and should be banned.” On Thursday, Raimondo and Attorney General Peter Neronha were expected to outline the eight gun-related bills they are backing. The four already introduced include a proposed "assault-weapons" ban; a 10-round limit on "high capacity” magazines; a ghost-gun ban and a bill to close a "background check loophole" by requiring gun dealers to send applications to purchase firearms to the police department […]

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