Rally at Wisconsin Capitol against gun control laws met with counter-protest

Chris Hinkley, of Waukesha, attends Saturday’s We the People rally against gun control laws at the state Capitol with a "Don’t tread on me" flag. The flag was designed in 1775 to support the American Revolution. Counter-protesters attempted to shout down the We the People rally with chants, instruments and whistles. Attendees of the We the People rally spoke primarily of three amendments to the U.S. Constitution they believe are under threat: the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms; the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against searches and seizures without due process of law; and the 14th Amendment, which awards all protections of the constitution to any person born or naturalized in the U.S. Madison Police Department spokesman Joel DeSpain said about 45 people attended to We the People rally and there were about 250 counter-protesters. No arrests were made, DeSpain said. Red-flag laws vary from state to state, but generally allow either law enforcement or judges to order those seizures. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican, told WisPolitics.com Monday that he is open to the idea of red-flag laws but is concerned the scope could be too broad. Robinson said he is concerned that a red-flag law would be to sweeping and violate due process rights. Although no language has been introduced this session, Robinson said he feared it would be too sweeping — allowing any law enforcement official to take away a person’s firearms based claims rather than facts. Organizer Josh Thieme said guns […]

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