Rauner: “I will never sign a bill that violates the Second Amendment”

After a number of proposed gun laws, some counties throughout the state are taking a stand. 33 Illinois counties now consider themselves gun sanctuaries. Although, the resolution is symbolic and does not change any laws. Those counties are just trying to send a message to law makers that they believe in their second amendment rights. * Illinois News Network … Mark Walsh from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, which supports gun-control legislation, said his group is reacting. “While this is quote-unquote symbolic, it also sends a message to people that these groups think gun ownership is more important than protecting human life,” Walsh said. Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said those pushing for the sanctuary resolutions are sending a message to groups supporting gun control legislation. “They only affect the law-abiding gun owner and they only affect the law abiding firearms dealer,” Pearson said. “They’re just trying to push gun control down the throats of Illinois citizens who don’t deserve it.” * Gov. Rauner was asked about this topic today … Reporter: How concerned are you about the sanctuary counties who are trying to, or who have considered taking action to try to get around your gun laws? Rauner: Well, I respect those who are passionate about defending the Second Amendment. I agree with them in supporting the Second Amendment. I will never sign a bill that violates the Second Amendment. What we’ve done is find, we’ve found compromise to increase public safety while also […]

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