Rauner says he’ll veto Illinois gun dealer certification bill

Rauner says he'll veto Illinois gun dealer certification bill

Rauner says he’ll veto gun dealer certification bill Watch again Without the bill even being on his desk, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Monday he will again veto a new version of another bill he previously vetoed that would further regulate gun stores in Illinois. In March, Rauner vetoed the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which state lawmakers sent him in the wake of several mass shootings. There weren’t enough votes for a veto override, so a vote wasn’t attempted. The sponsor of the bill, state Sen. Don Harmon, reworked the measure and got a different bill, House Bill 337, through both chambers. Rauner said Monday he won’t sign it. LOADING… “That bill will not increase public safety,” Rauner said. “It will increase red tape and restrictions and unnecessary burden on our small businesses in Illinois and I will veto that bill if and when it is sent to my desk.” Harmon, D-Oak Park, praised Rauner’s decision to sign two other gun bills, but said he was disappointed the governor planned to veto the licensing bill. “We know that illegal guns are flooding our neighborhoods and contributing to the daily violence so many in our state face, particularly minority communities. But the governor only seems concerned with appearing to do something by responding to attention-grabbing headlines like suburban school shootings," Harmon said in a statement. "He chose to play politics, rather than act responsibly for commonsense solutions that could save lives in every community." Harmon had said his updated bill addressed […]

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