Read Doug Jones’ 9 responses to questions on abortion and gun rights

Read Doug Jones' 9 responses to questions on abortion and gun rights

The Montgomery Advertiser sent nine questions to Democratic U.S. Sen. Doug Jones and Republican Senate nominee Tommy Tuberville on abortion and gun rights. Jones’ responses are printed below. The Tuberville campaign declined to answer the questions. Should they change their minds, we will include their answers here. Do you believe a woman has a right to an abortion? Jones: There are deep disagreements on the issue of abortion and I respect those who oppose abortion for religious or personal reasons. But while some candidates might deny the complexity of this issue — and appeal to folks in a politically self-serving way that ignores the facts — this issue is rarely so simple for those who face this gut-wrenching situation. However, I also respect the dignity and rights of women and their ability to make decisions about their health and their body. I do not believe you can simply discuss abortion without also discussing women’s health and the various stages of pregnancy. I know of no one who is “for” abortion, and I believe that Alabamians have more in common on this issue than people realize. I’ve always maintained that abortion is a deeply personal decision between a woman, her health care provider and her faith and have agreed with U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have affirmed that safe and legal access to abortion is a woman’s constitutional right, at least through early stages of her pregnancy. What restrictions, if any, do you support on abortion? Does a woman have […]

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