Readers comment on a controversy over a School Board member’s district, tax cuts and guns

Readers comment on a controversy over a School Board member's district, tax cuts and guns

The Gainesville Sun Unfair comparison I’m writing in response to a letter published June 16 saying that the group of people who are attempting to hold Diyonne McGraw to the rules and laws are in effect "lynching Black people." Wow. The writer’s call was to the Black members of this community to not allow this to happen. I would like to offer a rebuttal and say my call is to ALL citizens of Alachua County to not allow this grotesque abuse and disrespectful regard of horrific events of the past to be used as a weapon meant to divide us. The question about Diyonne McGraw being in the correct district is a reasonable one and warrants a fair and impartial investigation. To imply that it is racially motivated is unfair and unreasonable. To compare it to lynching is unconscionable. Kim Hickey, Newberry Short-term motives For over a generation, it has been fashionable politically and among many economists to argue for the "free market," rather than government, to "regulate" our lives. The past year has shown the shortcomings of those arguments. First, the notion that tax cuts for corporations and the very rich will create more benefits for all because the market will "trickle down" those benefits better than would tax revenues be distributed more equitably by government. Second, the idea that private health measures will protect our health better than government-administered public-health programs. Third, the argument that privatization of utilities will be able to withstand climate or cyber-security uncertainties […]

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