Reader’s View: Don’t have to like Trump to support him

Reader's View: Don’t have to like Trump to support him

President Joe Biden is busy signing orders that include allowing taxpayer-paid abortions in other countries, that are considering the restoration of funding for Planned Parenthood (which should make human traffickers happy), and that may protect pro-abortion laws from future challenges. Say all you want about President Donald Trump, but during his four years, I was never worried about my Second Amendment rights. Now, not so much. There is legislation (HB127 and HB5717) that should scare any law-abiding gun owner. Look them up and see how your dad, mom, sibling, etc., could become felons. Don’t take my word; look it up. I challenge this newspaper to publish this legislation. After a lifetime of obeying the law, this disabled American veteran now has to be worried that I may be a criminal. Millions of Americans are out of work, but President Biden is opening our borders and stopping the wall. Why? Trump haters could be honest and say how President Trump personally hurt them. Did he cost them money, take their job, make them register their name with the government if they own a gun, raise their taxes, issue regulations that hurt their business, cancel pipelines, defund police, bring soldiers home, start wars, prevent wars, create “opportunity zones,” pass Veterans Administration reforms to help vets like me, make alliance nations in NATO pay their fair shares, pass right-to-try laws, put America and Americans first, or make a commitment to end child trafficking? Nobody is asking anyone to be Trump’s best friend. […]

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