Readers Write: Gun-safety steps long overdue

Another day, and sadly another day of gun violence. It is rampant and devastating to read about the daily reports of senseless crimes due to gun possession. Suicides, domestic violence, gang shootouts, hate crimes, racism, the anger and frustration produced by the pandemic and police brutality. Massacres, single shootings in schools, places of worship, beauty salons and even in plain sight when a gunman brutally shot two newscasters on television. Whether it be a massacre or a single shooting, one death due to gun possession is one death too many. Now, other innocent lives have been severed at a Nassau County supermarket. Those who know me, know that I have been a lifelong gun safety advocate. I worked hard to elect Carolyn McCarthy to Congress after her husband was shot in the 1993 Long Island Railroad massacre. I have continually supported gun safety legislation. In December 2008 I transitioned from a gun safety advocate to a survivor and an activist because I now had a vested interest. Our daughter was murdered by a teenaged burglar in possession of a stolen handgun. My heart goes out to all of those people who lost a loved one due to these horrific, senseless crimes. I know the pain that other survivors like me have experienced. This is America. We are supposed to be a peace-loving nation, yet we have become a nation of violence. Basically, I believe these are the reasons for these crimes. The lack of legislation such as a universal […]

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