Red flag gun warning bill faces intense opposition

DENVER — Twenty-four hours after the Zachari Parrish Violence Prevention Act was introduced at the State Capitol, intense opposition is forming. The bill, known as a red flag gun warning bill nationally, would allow law enforcement or family members to ask a judge to temporarily remove guns from someone deemed dangerous. Parrish was killed on New Year’s Eve by a man who was a known threat to police. According to the legislation, if a judge issued an extreme risk protection order, a formal hearing must take place within seven days. A person could request their guns back at that hearing. If a judge still deems a person dangerous, guns could be withheld for up to 182 days. While Monday’s announcement suggested bipartisan support was possible, by Tuesday most conservative Republicans privately expressed concerns. “I am not interested in this bill,” Republican Senator Tim Neville told FOX31 political Reporter Joe […]

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