Red flags: It’s not about gun control

Red flags: It's not about gun control

Home Editorials EDITORIAL Gun control advocates, and some gun rights supporters, are upset at the recommendations of school safety task force commissioned by Gov. Chris Sununu. But the threat to students isn’t from inanimate objects, but from the people who would wield them to deadly effect. The overwhelming majority of legally-owned firearms in the United States are not a threat to anybody. Since the murders of 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School in 1999, unhinged lunatics have targeted schools. They are mostly male, mostly young, and mostly with a lengthy track record of warning signs. Identifying and stopping these people before they escalate to killing has proven difficult for law enforcement. Seemingly obvious red flags are often picked out retrospectively. The task force recommends lawmakers study a “red flag” law, which would allow protective orders for people suspected of becoming violent. Such orders must require clear evidentiary standards and due process protections. If so, they would not threaten the rights of gun owners. Police should not have authority to arbitrarily disarm responsible Granite Staters. We can make our schools safer without being distracted by the irrelevant push for stricter gun control.

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