Red Rock Firearms promotes safety, 2nd amendment

For 10 years, Doug and Kristin daSilva have operated Red Rock Firearms in Enid on the premise of promoting the sport of shooting, gun safety and a strong belief in the second amendment. Doug says the nation’s forefathers put in the right to bear arms right behind the freedom of speech and religion. "Without that, you can’t guarantee anything else,” he said. "It is literally a production of our liberties.” daSilva is leery of gun control laws. He said no one wants to put firearms in the hands of a criminal but feels universal background checks have created an industry trying to get rid of the target sales of firearms guaranteed by the 1986 Firearms Protection Act. "If you sit down and read what’s in those bills, it’s very counter to the second amendment,” he said. daSilva points out "the percent of people who actually commit crimes with firearms is so small that if you compare it to traffic accidents and DUIs, I imagine the DUIs is five times the number of people if you look at the total number of drivers compared to the DUIs on the road. That’s why I hate someone who does something negative with a firearm because it gets so much publicity. You never hear anything positive about the firearms.” daSilva attributes the rise in gun sales "is the social environment that we’re in now.” The shooting range sponsors the national anthem on KOFM Radio and daSilva speaks with pride of his son Austin, […]

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