Register wrong about ‘Stand Your Ground’

Register wrong about 'Stand Your Ground'

The editorial “Repeal Stand Your Ground,” (Sept. 13), should have stopped right after the opening sentence, “We support Democratic lawmakers…..” The law is not a “chase and kill” law (as this editorial stated). You cannot under the law “chase” down and kill someone who is meaning to do you, or your family or another who is in danger from a person set on doing harm. It does, however, strike down the duty to retreat from danger. The old adage was if someone is looking to do you harm “be sure to drag them into your house” after protecting yourself or another. Now, you can protect yourself without the system being for the criminal and against the harmed party. From the jump, the concealed carry law required a party to have what (it describes) as “clean hands.” That is you cannot start an altercation and then use a firearm to end it. It does not make a person invincible to the law. Be certain: If you are involved in a shooting to protect yourself another, or your property, your case will be presented to a grand jury to determine if you were justified in your actions. If you are not justified an indictment will be returned and you will spend thousands of dollars possibly lose your home your job and your freedom to defend your actions. I am positive, if a law prohibited or limited access to what could be printed in the Register, the editorial board would come completely […]

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