REINHART: It’s the person, not the gun

REINHART: It's the person, not the gun

To the Editor: This is about the AR-15 rifles so many people seem to think need to be banned. The people who refer to the AR-15 as an assault rifle show they know very little about this rifle. The AR-15 is a modern-day sporting rifle. True assault rifles have been illegal to buy since about 1936. Assault rifle refers to the ability to fire full automatic. When an AR-15 is called a semi-automatic assault rifle, you’re talking about a rifle that doesn’t exist. An AR-15 is no more than a tool. No better or worse than the person who uses it. In the hands of a police officer it’s a good thing, and in the hands of a bad person it’s a bad thing. You could have a table full of these rifles and they would not cause harm to anyone. They do not have a brain, they cannot […]

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