Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Not Sorry” For Opposing David Hogg On Gun Control, “My Voice Matters Too”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: "Not Sorry" For Opposing David Hogg On Gun Control, "My Voice Matters Too"

After House Democrats voted to remove her from the Education Committee yesterday over her support of conspiracy theories online, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke to members of the press outside the capitol on Friday. "I’m going to vote very conservative — pro-life, pro-Second Amendment," she told reporters during a news conference in Washington, adding that she’s "going to be holding the Republican Party accountable and pushing them to the right." When asked if she’s sorry for anything that she’s said, Greene gave a guarded reply. "I’m sorry for saying all those things that are wrong and offensive, and I sincerely mean that and I’m happy to say that," Greene said. However, when asked about a video showing her confronting former Parkland high school student and gun control advocate David Hogg on the street, she declined to apologize saying Hogg was "working hard for strict gun control laws." "David Hogg was an adult when I talked to him," she told reporters. "I don’t think any of you have realized that." "I’m very opposed to those policies," Greene said. "And so, being in the same situation as David Hogg, my voice matters too, and so, no, I’m not sorry for telling him he shouldn’t push for gun control."

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